Areas of Expertise We are dedicated to offering legal services in all fields of Private Law: Civil, Commercial and Family Law, Litigation, Domestic and International Commercial Arbitration, Corporate Law, Contractual Law and Real Estate Law. Civil, Family, Contractual and Real Estate Law We have in-depth knowledge of the laws governing all individuals, as members of a family and holders of property. We know that this field of law is involved in all aspects of the lives of our clients, from birth, their family relationships, the contracts they make, the obligations they acquire, the property they possess and the way in which they can transfer them, as well as everything to do with contractual and non-contractual civil liability. Our raison d’etre is to accompany them on that journey. We also provide them with counsel in Family Law, which is related to their social relationships and family interactions. Over the years we have successfully solved numerous cases involving Contractual Law, and we can guide our clients, with absolute certainty, in all their legal relations derived from contracts as a principal source of their obligations. Real Estate Law is another of our areas of expertise. We are constantly updating our knowledge of the laws and regulations that govern real estate law in its different forms. This includes ensuring the greatest possible certainty in the transfer of property. Commercial Law We have the experience and know-how to advise our clients in acts of commerce and relationships between traders, whether they are individuals or legal entities. This includes the incorporation process, their transformation, merger, spin-off, dissolution and liquidation, as well as shareholders agreements; and the investment, payment and credit instruments from which they may benefit in this type of transactions. Civil and Commercial Litigation We aid our clients in solving civil and commercial disputes between individuals or legal entities, and accompany them throughout the processes that imply the involvement of the judicial authority. Domestic and International Commercial Arbitration Gonzalez de Castilla y Avila Abogados, S.C. has successfully participated in arbitration as an alternative method for solving trade disputes, as both arbitrators and counsel. Our experience in both Mexican and foreign arbitral tribunals allows us to solve our clients’ disputes with efficiency and certainty. By the same token we have acted as arbitrators with independence and impartiality.

Experience, orientation and righteousness to solve each case with harmony and justice.